Rail Car Topping

Superior Solution has designed a unique polymer emulsion which is diluted at ultra-low concentration in water and sprayed onto the coal or ore being transported in rail cars to create a flexible layer which contains all fines to minimize/eliminate dust;

  • Emulsion of ‘microscopic superabsorbent polymers’
  • Heavy viscous polymers to bind fine dust particles
  • 100% environmentally safe
  • Zero harm to equipment


  • Forms a strong flexible crust
  • Applied at ultra-low concentration
  • Minimal logistical, freight, storage requirements
  • Withstands rain events
  • Does not adversely affect or alter the treated materials properties
  • Environmentally safe
  • Will not damage, stain or build up on equipment or rail stock
  • Not affected by slumping
  • UV stable
  • Non hazardous
  • Re-hydrates with water

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